Equity & Inclusivity at IDC is a one-day workshop to be held at the 2017 Interaction Design and Children Conference in Stanford, California. It is located in the Center for Education Research at Stanford (CERAS), Room 107.

**Announcement: We have merged with the IDC 2017 workshop: Interaction Design & Autistic Children. Read more about this workshop here!**

The aim of the Equity & Inclusivity at IDC workshop is to bring together a community of researchers who will share how they already make or plan to make equity—promoting fairness by allocating more resources and opportunities to those who need it— and inclusivity— the inclusion and meaningful participation of people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized— foundational to their research with children and families. These issues— equity and inclusivity— complement each other as we can use equitable practices and approaches to promote inclusion in our designs and methods.

By discussing theoretical and practice-based approaches (e.g., intersectionality, critical race theory, critical pedagogy, critical disability studies, etc.), providing feedback on each other’s work, and collectively identifying challenges and hopes in addressing equity and inclusivity when doing and assessing research in IDC, we intend to do twofold. First, we will build our understanding of how our approaches, designs, and/or methods may either be restricting or facilitating equitable access and participation of diverse children and their families. Second, we will work to establish and articulate approaches to our research that forefront equity and inclusivity, taking into account how intersecting identities (i.e., gender, race, class, ability, etc.) affect how the children and families with whom we work have or do not have access to various sources of power.